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Our trucks deliver the most sought-after beer brands in Maine.

When the delivery trucks roll through our warehouse, they are loaded with the most popular brands of American and imported beers plus the finest assortment of craft and micro brews.

Nappi Distributors proudly represents over 1400 skus. The Nappi sales staff is exceptionally knowledgeable about the brands most preferred in our territory. We know how to spot the trends that will impact buyers’ choice within the beer industry. We work closely with suppliers and customers to ensure brand balance and availability.


“From day one, Nappi has helped us grow. They believe in the Allagash brand. Their support has been critical to our growth. Distributors in other parts of the country often ask us how things are in our local market. Because of Nappi Distributors I can always answer that we're good! ”
Rob Tod
Allagash Brewing Co.
“Nappi’s strength is their depth of knowledge and experience in both craft beers and major brands. They bring balance to their customers that ensures every brand gets the attention it deserves.”
Fred Forsely
Shipyard Brewing Co.
“When we started brewing 25 years ago, Nappi Distributors enthusiastically welcomed us to the family of brands. Even though craft beers (called microbrews then) were unknown at the time, the folks at Nappi got behind our brand and their imagination and hard work ensured our early success.”
David L. Geary
D.L. Geary Brewing Co.
“Nappi Distributors was one of the first Samuel Adams distributors in America. They began selling my beer in 1986. Craft beer was more of a curiosity then, but Nappi understood the vision of what craft beer could be and signed on to help diversify the American beer landscape by distributing Samuel Adams Boston Lager and the many Sam styles that followed that original in Maine.  Over the past 25-plus years, we've seen a lot change in the beer industry.  Nappi has helped ensure outstanding distribution and visibility of Samuel Adams products at retail.  They manage their portfolio well and provide focused execution of retail programs in support of our brand.  The beer business continues to evolve and I'm as excited today about the prospects for craft beer as I was when I first started Sam Adams in my kitchen more than 25 years ago.”
Jim Koch
Founder & Brewer
Samuel Adams Co.

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