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Our trucks deliver the most sought-after wine brands in Maine.

Each bottle of wine delivered by Nappi Distributors is hand selected and hand packed in our state-of-the-art wine mezzanine. This area of our 155,000 sq. ft. warehouse and office complex is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of our wine until the moment it reaches our customer. With over 30 years of experience in the wine industry, Nappi’s wine team helps suppliers and customers identify trends and opportunities.
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“We have for many years been dealing with Nappi Distributors and have found our relationship to be extremely productive and enjoyable.  In looking at our sales in the northeastern region, on a per capita basis, Nappi is our number one distributor in the region.”
Jed Steele
Steele Wines
“Work hard, tell the truth and never make a promise you can't keep. These are the principals my father instilled in me and the same philosophy that Nappi embodies. That's why we have been with Nappi for over a quarter century. Honor and integrity go a long way together.”
John Buehler
Buehler Vineyards

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