Nappi Distributors builds strong brand loyalty in Southern Maine

Southern Maine is Nappi territory. We know our customers, their likes and taste preferences. Now in our third generation, we use our insight into the marketplace to identify coming trends that will excite our customers. By identifying new products and emerging brands we can continue to be the leading distributor of beer and wine throughout southern Maine.

When we launch a new product, we use our understanding of the marketplace to establish the right distribution to the right accounts. Our marketing reach has helped build national recognition for successful brands like Shipyard, Allagash and Samuel Adams.

“Even though craft beers were unknown at the time, the folks at Nappi got behind our brand and their imagination and hard work ensured our early success.”

“Nappi Distributors was one of the first Samuel Adams distributors in America. They understood the vision of what craft beer could be and signed on to help diversify the American beer landscape.”

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